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PBN Controls has developed products and services to exceed the needs of refrigeration system operators achieving control over the major cost areas: Energy, Service, Maintenance, Product loss, Capitol planning and administration. System performance begins at the site level with PBN Critical alarm monitoring of refrigeration and HVAC systems operated by Micro thermos and Emerson controls.

PBN services close the loop on controlling overall operating cost. Intelligent monitoring provides 24/7 live qualified technical support to site systems, site management and service providers. PBN service and maintenance management takes over management of service contractors chain wide, handling all invoicing and administration.


Intelligent Monitoring service

PBN intelligent Monitoring service: Systems monitored live 24/7

Manage refrigeration alarms- Refrigeration alarms monitored 24/7

  • Critical alarm management through PBN remote access monitor for CAM and Emerson E2 sites.
  • Critical alarms evaluated by qualified technicians to improve or eliminate issue, to maintain system operation and product integrity.
  • Call is placed and email with evaluation is sent to required personnel
  • Critical alarms are supported by qualified technicians through resolution
  • CAM automatefd analytics continually assesses system operation to anticipate system issues reducing monitoring costs
  • Non Critical alarms are evaluated by qualified techniians. Recommendations are made and action is taken to improve or eliminate issues while maintaining system operation and product integrity, also eliminating service calls or postponing to a scheduled service time
  • Email evaluation report per issue to service provider and Warehouse personnel Web based service ticket system for real time tracking with access provided to required personnel

Reporting: Monthly and yearly reporting

  • Alarm reporting by site and region
  • Alarm reporting on issue, cause, and resolution
  • Time analysis of issue resolutions

CAM Remote Access Software: Cloud software management tool

  • Manage and access all CAM sites from one web interface
  • Provide user management


Service and Maintenance management

  • PBN monitoring service to directly administer service through local service provider

  • PBN to provide continual oversite and support to service activities

  • PBN to provide technical site support where required

  • PBN to administer onsite maintenance

  • PBN handle administer all locations to provide centralized invoicing

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