PBN Controls is one of the most reliable ways to monitor your equipment!



Remote Access Monitor

  • Remote support available 24/7 for issues or questions

  • Benefit- Rapid response to critical system failures, resulting in reduced down time and product loss




Critical Alarm Management

CAM (Critical Alarm Monitoring): Site alarm monitoring System

The PBN CAM (Critical Alarm Monitoring) system is a software platform that interacts with the existing control systems in the warehouse. CAM saves installation costs by utilizing existing equipment data. CAM pulls data from multiple platforms including refrigeration, HVAC, mechanical, lighting and energy. CAM utilizes this data to provide all in one monitoring for the warehouse.

PBN CAM is the warehouse 24hr watchdog. To monitor operation and performance, alarm set points for the systems are configured into CAM. These set points are controlled in CAM to maintain system performance. Alarm notification is provided through the user interface, optional strobe, horns, building alarm system, and email. PBN remote access monitor and intelligent monitoring service can be added to complete site critical alarm monitoring. Cloud energy dashboard can be also added to further enhance performance at a corporate level, giving the ability to control and maintain chain wide operational performance.

PBN CAM site software

  • Displays the site graphically with 3D representations of the site and equipment to easily identify where any issues are occurring.
  • Alarm set points are maintained and reported on chain wide.
  • Data is stored for 5 years and can be graphed and exported for reporting.
  • User access is controlled and logged.
  • Remote access is available corporately through PBN remote access monitor software that provides a real-time dashboard status of all sites. Sites can also be accessed through third party tools like Team viewer and real-VNC.
  • Remote access to site controllers such as Emerson E2 can be provided through PBN remote access monitor software for refrigeration service.
  • CAM uses all solid state electronics to ensure reliability.
  • CAM can be expanded as the warehouse grows.


IoT Dashboard

1. Manage system performance: PBN Energy dashboard service

  • Mechanical systems monitored 24/7 by PBN analytic software
  • System performance alerts evaluated by qualified technicians 40hr per week
  • Alerts are evaluated to improve or eliminate issue, attempting to maintain system performance.

2. Evaluation: Engineered analysis of systems performance

  • Analysis of system performance to identify trends and focus maintenance activities effectively.
  • Analysis of system performance to identify degradation trends showing needs for recommission, retrofit and replacement of equipment and systems.

3. Reporting: Monthly and yearly reporting

  • Reporting by site and region
  • Reporting on issue, cause, resolution
  • Time analysis of issue resolutions
  • Analysis of energy consumption from performance inefficiency
  • Analysis of financial cost from performance inefficiency
  • Comprehensive engineered reporting of site equipment and systems to help forecast capital intensive retrofit and replacement projects ahead of performance loss.
  • Engineered evaluation of equipment and systems against industry standards and new technology.